GDPR Compliance Service

GDPR Compliance Service

Enabling a fundamental human right

The CCS GDPR Compliance Service will provide you everything you need to get to the lawful basis for processing:

  1. A comprehensive data asset inventory with recommendations for anonymisation, pseudonymisation, minimisation of data retention, or outright deletion;
  2. A mapping of all personal data flows against business processes;
  3. A mapping of all data assets to internal, international, and/or outsourced data repositories;
  4. A list of all relevant ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ third parties;
  5. A breakdown of security controls per repository.

GDPR compliance starts and ends with your data; what it is, where it is, and what you’re doing with it.

Note: Optionally, CCS can arrange for legal partners to help with the determination and documentation related to the lawful basis assignments.

Our Methodology

CCS utilises a proven methodology, developed over the course of multiple engagements, to help organisations achieve sustainable compliance.

CCS uses one or preferably both of the following methods:

  1. Manual, interview-based questionnaires and guidance: CCS will conduct a series of expert-led sessions with subject matter experts from each department or line of business; and / or
  2. Automated, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) powered data discovery: CCS will utilise industry leading DLP solution to discover and map the flows of structured and unstructured personal data throughout the environment.



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