Cybersecurity Consulting Services


Cybersecurity Consulting Services


Cybersecurity GAP Analysis 

What is your current state?

This is what security is really all about. Find the top risks, fix them permanently, move on to the next one.

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Cybersecurity Program Development

What is your desired future state?

Creating the foundation for all aspects of your security program:  Governance, Policy Set and Risk Management.

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Cybersecurity Strategy and Operational Assurance

How to get there and stay there?

Dedicated virtual cybersecurity oversight at the CISO level to help supplement your in-house team to progress your security program.

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Other Services

 GAP Analysis 

 Determine your risk and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive security program. 

Security Program Development

‘Green Field’ creation the foundation.

Virtual CISO

Continued alignment of cybersecurity to corporate strategy and business goals.


Create and maintain a comprehensive policy set.

Risk Management

From risk assessment through to incident response.


Virtual cybersecurity expertise for cross-business governance.

Internal Audits

From quarterly vulnerability scans to annual penetration testing.

Program Training

Bespoke cybersecurity training across your in-house team.

Compliance Services

Compliance services for PCI-DSS, GDPR, and ISO-27001 compliance.

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