GDPR Training

GDPR Training

For cybersecurity and technology professionals

Even though the GDPR has been out in its current form since Apr 2016, and enforced with significant penalties since May 2018, guidance on what to actually do to achieve compliance seems to be very thin on the ground.

The CCS GDPR training courses are designed to provide cybersecurity and information technology professionals with the background and real-world knowledge they need to take their rightful place in their organisation’s compliance journey.

Just some of what you’ll get:

  1. [Very] Brief History of Privacy – you have to know enough of where GDPR came from to put its modern form into an appropriate context. This is about a fundamental human right, not the law;
  2. Principles & Rights – the bread and butter of GDPR, if you do not keep these in mind at all times you cannot perform your function appropriately;
  3. Lawful Bases for Processing – All your work as IT/IS professionals lead to this, you must understand enough about them to talk to legal types;
  4. Technical & Organisational Security Measures – what you’re here for, this is where you fit in; and
  5. How to Get Started – not much point in providing training on what the GDPR is without explaining how to implement it.

By the end of the course you will have enough information to begin a GDPR project. After all, it starts with data.


Who should take this training?

Cyber/Information Security Professionals – While data security and data protection are NOT the same thing, there is significant overlap and the lines between the two continue to blur;

Technologists – The implementation of GDPR will have significant impact of the organisation’s technologies, especially in the design phase;

Data Owners – As the owners of the personal data you are accountable for delegating a significant aspect of your role to those more qualified (legal, IT, IS etc.), you must understand the implications;

Legal – Just as technologists are now forced to understand more about data protection, to have the right conversation legal experts need to meet them half way;

Independent Consultants – Data Protection / Privacy is now a fact of life, regardless of your consulting practice, you must understand the impact on your chosen profession.



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