PSD2 Training

PSD2 Training

Payments and open banking for the 21st century

If you’re in the payments or banking space you’ll have heard of the PSD2, but surprisingly few people other than that know how big a deal this is.

PSD2 will fundamentally change the way you pay for things, as well as opens the door to a vast array of new financial instruments of which we cannot even yet conceive. While a deep expertise on PSD2 is not required for the vast majority of people, a foundation of knowledge is important for all.

Some of what you’ll get:

  1. [Very] Brief History of the Payment Services Directive – you have to know enough of where PSD2 came from to put its modern form into an appropriate context;
  2. Major Provisions – the ‘heart’ of the PSD2 is its provisions, this will explain what they are and more importantly, what they mean;
  3. New Payment Players – the PSD2 has introduced a number of new players (ASPSP, AISP, PISP etc.), each of these roles is explained with suitable examples;
  4. Identity Management – implementation of the PSD2 is predicated on innovation in one important area; identity management. This goes way beyond mere authentication, but what does it mean?; and
  5. Opportunity! – the PSD2 represents one of the biggest opportunities to new players and to the introduction of innovations. But this comes at a cost to the status quo. Disintermediation will be prevalent.

By the end of the course you will have enough information to speak intelligently about PSD2, and what it means to YOUR business.

Who should take this training?

Cyber/Information Security Professionals – PSD2 is yet another regulation that has significant impact on IT and security;

Technologists – The implementation of PSD2 includes innovations in identity management,  data transfers, APIs, and application functionality;

Data Owners – the data being requested is your responsibility, do you know how to handle requests?;

Legal – liability is one aspect of PSD2 that has not been dealt with well, legal must be involved;

Independent Consultants – ‘Open Banking’ is now a fact of life, regardless of your consulting practice, you must understand the impact on your chosen profession.



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