PCI DSS Training

PCI DSS Training

From beginners to advanced practitioners

We realise that when it comes to PCI training you have a lot of options, but here at CCS we train a little differently.

First, our PCI trainers are real-world experts in the field of PCI, and spend the majority of their time onsite actually helping clients fix their cybersecurity and/or compliance issues. They are security consultants first and foremost, and a QSA second.

What you get instead:

  1. For beginners – everything you need to understand the history and the future of the PCI DSS, and more than enough real-world guidance to get you started on your own PCI project;
  2. For intermediates – you know the standard already, what you need is a deeper understanding of how you can met the intent of the PCI DSS requirements without necessarily meeting the letter of them; and
  3. For the advanced – You’ve already been through several assessments, but now you need to integrate the whole of your annual PCI ‘project’ into a continuously compliant security program.

So whether you want just enough information not to be dangerous, or enough information to run your own PCI program, the CCS PCI Training programs can help.

See below for 1 day, 2 day and bespoke options.

What others have said:

“[CCS]’s PCI DSS v3 training was excellent. Throughout he challenged assumptions, confirmed understanding and discussed real world scenarios specific to the businesses of those attending.”

“[CCS] has a unique and engaging training style that uses his extensive experience to go far above and beyond the core content. His aim is to ensure people know how to do a job properly rather than work to a tick box regime, and the way he illustrates his points with real life examples leaves a lasting impression.”

“[CCS] is very passionate and animated about security. His training approach was more than training – it was education. He went well beyond ticking the boxes of the things you need to know to ‘get your PCI-DSS certification’ and explained WHY things were important and also not important as the case may be.”




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