ISO 27001 Certification Support Service

ISO 27001 Certification Support

A framework for success

The CCS ISO 27001 Certification Support Service has been developed by experienced practitioners in order to provide the necessary guidance to align yourself to the ISO 27001 standard. Most importantly, the service ensures that your alignment is:

  1. demonstrable and defensible (to both clients and regulators);
  2. sustainable;
  3. a comprehensive stepping-stone to full certification; and above all
  4. appropriate to your business

In the end, all regulatory compliance and industry certifications spit out the back-end of a security program done well, the SSC ISO 27001 Alignment Service will lay the groundwork for whatever your end goals are.

Note: CCS is not an ISO 27001 certification body. Optionally, CCS can arrange for full ISO-27001 certification through the use of CCS partners.

Our Methodology

True alignment with ISO 27001 requires a significant investment in time and resource. And to be performed properly, inclusion of all of the guidance in ISO 27002 must be part of the process. All told there are over 60 pages of guidance for the 15 Control Objectives, all of which must be included in the alignment process.
Like all security, this is simple, just difficult, and a qualified determination must be made regarding control scope and applicability.



Assessment Plan


program goal confirmation


project plan definition


program execution


project close